What is a "Smart Home"?

Dated: September 7 2020

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There is a lot of buzz these days about smart homes. It can mean different things to different people. Here are five useful trends by Home Advisor and five ideas from Mitsubishi. I can see myself enjoying a smart fridge, giving me recipe ideas by what I have inside. And home zoning to cool the areas that I use and to create an enjoyable ambient atmosphere. Which of these ideas would you use?

Smart Home

1. Digital assistants everywhere A tabletop bathroom mirror with built-in Google Assistant, allowing users to check the news or review their calendar for the day, as they get ready each morning.

2. Artificial intelligence is resulting in super smart cameras Beyond security, smart cameras are finding their way into ovens, where they can recognize food and set cooking temperatures and times accordingly.

3. Sensors deployed throughout the home Motion sensors installed discreetly throughout the home make it possible for adult children, close friends, and other caregivers to keep tabs on loved ones from afar.

4. Smart appliances Whirlpool made a splash with the rollout of its Yummly-powered smart cooking technology, available across a wide array of connected appliances. The technology allows homeowners to find recipes based on ingredients they have on hand, receive step-by-step video tutorials, control appliances by voice, and more.

5. Smart Surfaces A wall can become a light switch, for example, or a carpet can become an electric piano or another source of entertainment for children.

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1. Control everything with the Hub in Your Hand. The idea of some centralized portal hub being needed to control all your home’s functions is now seen as being overkill.....access from your own personal devices

2. Home Zoning Don’t spend money on heating rooms when there is nobody in them. Room-by-room comfort is the way to go.

3. Low-Power Wi-Fi Conversion Take a regular device and transform it into a controllable smart device.

4. Security Automated door locks are on the way, unlocking or even opening your front door if you are approaching with your hands full. 

5. Décor-Friendly Gadgets Tech companies are making sure their home automation technologies look nice, and are able to blend into the room style. 

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